Saleaula lava Field

Incredible history is around every corner in Samoa and Saleaula Lava Field is no exception. Molten lava from the 1905-1911 Mt Matavanu eruption buried 5 villages. You can see a majestic half-buried church amongst the forest, an untouched virgin grave and lava mounds. The patterns the lava has made is incredibly beautiful. Photo opportunities abound.

This fascinating geological expanse also contains some perfect grassy spots for a picnic where young ones chase the resident chickens. The virgin grave is the grave of a girl that supposedly was so pure, the lava flowed around the grave leaving it untouched.

Highlights: Seeing the lava flow inside the old church is captivating and worth a photo.

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Location: Near the northernmost point of Savai’i Island. Access via North Coast Rd.