Snorkeling In Samoa

Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to experience the incredible life that exists under the water and Samoa is an island nation surrounded by protecting reefs and calm ocean waters with many great spots to explore.  Samoa’s reefs create lots of protected lagoons that are easy to access either from the beach or by boat.  There are some amazing sites outside the reefs in the deeper waters, but they are suitable only for more experienced snorkelers.

While snorkeling gear is simple and is usually quite easy to access, it is very important that the gear fits correctly, otherwise the experience becomes less enjoyable and sometimes unsafe.   Many resorts can help with this. Alternatively, you can buy gear from several speciality shops in Samoa or bring your own equipment with you.  There are also many dive companies that offer snorkel tours to many of the best spots.

The best snorkeling sites in Samoa

One of the best things about snorkeling is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, just through on your gear and head into the water.  Samoa has a multitude of beaches and reefs that are suitable for snorkeling and will provide you with some fun, but here are some suggestions about the best places to try.

Palolo Deep is a snorkeling spot just offshore from the capital city of Apia and can be accessed directly from the beach.  It is a great site for beginners, although you need to be careful of the current that can sometimes run through this area.  The deep blue hole is home to walls of coral and a variety of fish and other marine life, all visible from the surface.  There are several spots along the southern coast of Upolu, including Salamumu, Matareva Beach, Savaia and the Aganoa Black Sand Beach at Maninoa.  These are all sites that are worth trying and will give you a great variety of coral colonies and an abundance of marine life to explore and enjoy.

Over on the island of Savai’i there are also several fantastic sites to relish.  Falealupo, Manase Beach and Satuiatua are 3 of the best-known snorkeling sites on the island and definitely worth visiting.

The best time of the year to snorkel in Samoa

Samoa experiences quite constant temperatures year-round, meaning that the water temperature also remains within a narrow band with the average being 28°C, so the water is always warm and suitable for snorkeling.  The main factor to consider is rainfall.  Samoa has a dry season and a wet season, with around 70% of the annual rainfall occurring during the wet season.  The dry season runs from May to October and generally provides the best conditions for snorkeling.  Lower rainfall means better visibility as there is less run-off going into the ocean.  During the wet season, many places in Samoa experience rainfall for 15 to 20 days of each month and this is the time of year where you are more likely to encounter tropical storms. However, the rain showers are only ever short and do not majorly affect your ability to have an awesome snorkel. Whenever you choose to visit Samoa, you will find days most are great for exploring the incredible underwater world.


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