Surfing In Samoa

Perfect tubes and empty reef breaks

If you are a surf addict, the empty breaks and perfect tubes rolling off the reef in Samoa are the stuff dreams are made of. The waves, like the rest of Samoa are rugged and untameable. Surfing here is ideal for more advanced surfers, looking to challenge themselves on the shores of this incredible group of tropical islands. However most resots in Samoa can assist in getting you on a guided surf tour departing from resorts closer to the best breaks, particularly on Southen Upolu.

Best time of year to surf in Samoa

The biggest surf is during the dry season, between May and October when waves can be over 3-meters high. Surfing in Samoa is not like other more developed Pacific Islands, there are not many surf hire shops, so make sure to take your own board if you are exploring on your own. The benefit of this is that you will have the warm clear water all to yourself! It is important to note that when surfing the breaks in Samoa you will pay a small charge to the local village, which goes towards paying for schools for local children. For the most consistent waves head to Upolu’s south coast, or for totally of the beaten track breaks head to Savai’i, just a 45-minute ferry ride from Upolu. Surfing in Samoa can be more dangerous than other locations, so it is advisable to join a local surf safari to find the best spots.

Samoa surfing fun fact

It is widely thought that Hawaii was the birth place of surfing due to the international attention that Duke Kahanamoku, known as the ‘Father of Modern Surfing’ has bought them. However, the Polynesians have been surfing for thousands of years, and it was actually the Samoans that started first!

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