Savai’i’ Holidays

Savai’i is Samoa’s largest island and is home to some of the most spectacular natural attractions and several of the country’s best beaches for swimming and water sports.  Like much of Samoa, Savai’i is laid back and is a great place to unwind and enjoy some downtime, but there are also plenty of options for exploring the island and seeing some of the interesting natural features.  The island is populated almost exclusively by villages and it’s a great place to observe and experience real Samoan life.

Salelologa is the largest town in Savai’i, found on the south-eastern coastline it is the main ferry terminal from and to Upolu.  Salelologa Markets, operating 6 days a week, offers many stalls with a range of local goods and traditional foods at very reasonable prices.  This is a working market that local Samoans use themselves, so it is an authentic way to experience life in Samoa.

If you love natural rainforest, you need to visit the village of Falealupo over on the very western coast of Savai’i and try the Canopy Walk, which is a series of wooden structures winding through the tree in the rainforest canopy.  The spiral staircase leads you up to the heights of the treetops with incredible views over the rainforest and rolling hills of the area.  If driving a 4x4 up a thrilling dirt track, meeting eccentric locals and having amazing views of an ancient volcano crater is your idea of fun, you’re going to love a trip to Mt Matavanu in central Savai’i.  This is a unique day trip to a spot that is secluded and beautiful and gives you an up-close experience of the untouched beauty found in the jungle interior of Samoa.

The coastline of Savai’i has so many hidden wonders to find. From observing nature’s furious power at the blowhole sites to exploring the underwater world at one of the many fantastic diving and snorkeling spots, there is something to suit everyone.  You’ll find some beachfront accommodation in traditional fales that are just stunning or if your taste is for a more modern resort, you have awesome options to choose from.

Look forward to a trip into the very heart of traditional Samoa with a unique opportunity to see and experience how the friendly and welcoming Samoan people really live.