Talofa Lava from Samoa!


6 nights, 7 agents and a whole lot of South Pacific love. Here are our Holiday Expert’s top Samoa tips!

From the moment you land to when you fall asleep each night, beautiful Samoa will steal your heart. This island nation is unlike anywhere else. It’s hot yet breezy, mountainous while having long, flat coastlines, peaceful, engaging—the list goes on! Whether you travel in the peak mid-year dry season or the low season that’s popular with holidaying locals, you’ll be greeted with warmth and song. You’ll find it hard to leave and you’ll always want to come back.

To further enhance their knowledge of and passion for Samoa, our team of Samoa Holiday Experts had the chance to experience all this diverse and charming country has to offer. The team explored the islands of Upolu and Savai’i and ticked off bucket-list attractions such as Samoa Cultural Village, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Museum, To-Sua Ocean Trench, Saleaula Lava Fields, the Piula Cave Pools and Afu Aau Waterfall! To ensure our My Samoa products have been tried and tested, the team thoroughly inspected Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows, Seabreeze Resort, Taumeasina Resort, Aga Reef Resort, Coconut Beach Club Resort & Spa, Litia Sini Resort, Return to Paradise, Stevensons at Manase, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel and Le Lagoto Resort & Spa!

Each of our Samoa Holiday Experts were entirely impressed and even surprised by Samoa’s charisma, beauty and variety, and can’t wait to return and explore even more (most have already started planning their next trip there). Read below to find out more!


  • Taumeasina Resort
  • Le Lagoto Resort & Spa
  • Return to Paradise


  • Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows
  • Seabreeze Resort
  • Aga Reef Resort
  • Coconut Beach Club Resort & Spa
  • Litia Sini Resort
  • Tanoa Tusitala Hotel
  • Stevensons at Manase


  • 6 nights
  • 7 Holiday Experts
  • 10 resort inspections
  • 7 exclusive My Samoa experiences


For Anna, the Samoa trip was filled with so many highlights it was hard for her to choose a favourite moment however her long list of top experiences began with the To-Sua Ocean Trench. The uniqueness of the trench, the rejuvenating water and the tranquillity surrounding the attraction amazed Anna.  The views of the mountains were just as captivating and, according to Anna, Samoa looks exactly as it does on Survivor! Seabreeze Resort was stunning with an intimate, boutique feel and a team of extremely helpful and friendly staff.

What surprised Anna the most is how clean Samos is. It is the societal norm to take very good care of their country by being conscious of littering and keeping the beach and other public areas spotless. Another impressive factor was the food scene in Samoa. There is so much variety with a balanced mix of traditional seafood dishes, coconut snacks and other local delicacies and modern Western cuisine. So, nobody is unsatisfied! Anna can’t stop recommending Samoa to her friends, family and everyone in between. She will be going back again, no question!


Top Tips:
  1. Take some time to visit Savai’i – it’s beautiful, untouched and home to the friendliest people in the world
  2. Always wake up early to see the sunrises
  3. Check out a Fia Fia night – Samoan dance shows are amazing (and involve a lot of fire!)
  4. Try the seafood – even if you’re not a big ‘fish person’, it’s out of this world!


Like Anna, Ellen’s favourite activity in Samoa was also the To-Sua Ocean trench as seeing it in person was magical and it was much less commercialised than expected! Swimming with the exotic turtles, learning fascinating Samoan history from a private tour guide at Vailima and Afu A’au waterfall in Savai’i were also deemed as experiences of a lifetime! Ellen was in awe of Seabreeze Resort due to the welcoming staff and beautifully designed rooms and the infinite facilities at Taumeasina Resort were such a treat.

Something unexpected about Samoa was just how untouched it really is. So many beautiful sights that are unspoilt, haven’t been overly commercialised and still hold a traditional atmosphere. The Samoan trip was so diverse with what it had to offer from accommodation to tours and activities. The beaches were also stunning. Ellen loved visiting the cultural villages and learning what traditional life in Samoa is like! In terms of cuisine, Ellen considered the seafood buffet dinner at Taumeasina Resort to be ‘mind-blowing’, with such an elaborate and fresh variety! The buffet dinner at the Fia Fia night was also brilliant!


Top Tips:
  1. Due to the tropical climate, Ellen suggests packing light and airy clothing as well as sunscreen
  2. Pack insect repellent to avoid getting insect bites
  3. Pack your camera and charger so you don’t miss all the striking scenery
  4. If you’re up for even more adventure, hire a car or book a local driver through your hotel to ensure you see as much of the island as possible!


Waking up and heading to the beach to watch the Samoan sunrise was one of the best experiences for Matheus, along with the commanding views of the striking coral reef from Aga Reef Resort, which is enclosed by lush tropical gardens on the hilltop. Like the others, Matheus loved Seabreeze Resort for its intimate and private atmosphere as well as the fantastic restaurant there. Each resort Matheus visited boasted extremely friendly and helpful staff which made his trip entirely stress-free.

What surprised Matheus most about the Samoan people was just how loyal they have remained to their traditional culture. There is a real sense of community wherever you go and a huge emphasis on faith, family and collective activities such as sing-alongs and other performances. Matheus cannot stop recommending this country to everyone he knows!


Top Tips:
  1. Wake up early to enjoy the sunrises
  2. Make sure you pack insect repellent
  3. Take as much swimwear as possible. Whether we were in hotel pools, ocean trenches or waterfalls, we swam every day


According to Ash, To-Sua Trench was the most incredible and beautiful experience and no photo will ever do it justice! Definitely one to tick off the bucket-list! Another favourite for Ash was the breath-taking vistas of the Afu Aau Waterfall in Savai’i. In terms of resorts, Coconut Beach Club Resort & Spa was brilliant. The rooms were extremely spacious and well-appointed and the views of the rich, turquoise ocean were magnificent. Like the rest of the group, Ash was pleasantly surprised at just how friendly and true to their culture Samoans are. Whether it be the locals or the staff at the resorts, everyone treated you like their own and made you feel very welcome.

Sina’s Restaurant at Taumeasina Island Resort was to-die-for! The myriad of fresh seafood options along with their wonderful catering staff made for a very memorable experience. Ash plans to go back to Samoa very soon!


Top Tips:
  1. Ensure to visit To-Sua Trench
  2. Order a seafood platter at Sina’s Restaurant
  3. Make time to visit Savai’i!
  4. Insect repellent is a must


Watching the traditional Polynesian dancing that the Fia Fia (meaning ‘celebration’ in Samoan) was definitely a highlight for Kelsey. The incredible sing-alongs held in the local villages was also a true cultural exchange and made for a unique trip to Samoa. Swimming at To-Sua and at the pristine beaches was magnificent – the water was so beautiful and clear and unlike anything Kelsey’s ever experienced before. Standing on the cliffs at To-Sua and peering out to the horizon over the coastline was just as stunning.

Kelsey loved each resort she stayed in. From the views at Litia Sini Resort; the luxury, beds and food at Taumeasina and Sheraton Samoa Beach; the mix of modern facilities and Samoan artwork at Tanoa Tusitala to the peace and beauty at Le Lagoto! Something that struck Kelsey was the difference between Upolu & Savai’i. It is highly recommended to experience both as each place offers such different and important experiences. Kelsey was also shocked at how spectacular the flower gardens were, and the size of the churches are so impressive!

While so many delicious local delicacies were indulged in, Kelsey favourited the taro leaves in coconut milk at Return to Paradise, Le Lagoto & Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort as well as the caramelised Samoan papaya at Le Lagoto! The epic buffet breakfast at Sheraton Beach Resort was also hard to beat. Kelsey is already planning her next trip to Samoa as she can’t get enough of the natural beauty, endearing culture and welcoming people!


Top Tips:
  1. Take more sunscreen than you think you’ll need!
  2. Don’t worry about packing too many changes of clothes as you’ll most likely be in the water most of the time!
  3. Make sure to order taro leaves in coconut milk at Return to Paradise resort
  4. Visit a few of the churches – they’re so grand and beautiful!


For Tonia, journeying through each of the local villages and learning about their compelling history and culture was an unbeatable experience. Views of the colour-drenched flower beds and elaborate stretches of other lush flora was also inspiring and unexpected! The resort that really stood out to Tonia the most was the Saletoga Sands Resort & Spa with the family-friendly atmosphere mixed with the tranquil surroundings. Other favourites included Seabreeze for the stunning setting and Sheraton Resort and Spa, located in an ideal spot to explore the area. Tonia couldn’t get enough of Samoa’s beauty, friendly people, fresh and mouth-watering food, cleanliness and rich culture.

Each of the traditional dishes were delightful but Tonia absolutely loved the local curry at Stevensons at Manase. It’s safe to say Tonia is on a mission to promote stunning Samoa to anyone and everyone!


Top Tips:
  1. Try the local curry at Stevensons at Manase
  2. Pack hydrating tablets due to the tropical weather
  3. Use insect repellent each day


Vicki fell quickly in love with each of the resorts visited on her Samoa trip. While every resort had a unique and different appeal, Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort stood out for its myriad of facilities, world-class service and very friendly staff. As expected, Vicki was also struck by the beauty of To-Sua Trench! The exotic grounds and coastal views were spectacular. Like Kelsey, Vicki loved the thrilling fire twirling and fascinating costumes at the Fia Fia shows as well as the rich tropical scenery driving around both Upolu & Savai’i.

Meeting the local resort staff and hearing their stories, watching the Samoan sunrise and meandering along the unspoiled beaches at Return to Paradise Resort were also at the top of Vicki’s highlights list.

Foodie gems included the seafood at Saletoga Sands, Taro Chips at Aggie Greys and the suckling pig at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. While every meal was first-rate, the breakfast buffet at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort was unparalleled! Samoa continued to impress Vicki with the cleanliness of the villages and the towns as well as the sheer beauty and diversity of both islands. Vicki is already planning her trip back to Samoa.


Top Tips:
  1. Pack less clothing and more swimwear – you will spend most of the time in the water.
  2. Pack a big hat and loads of sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  3. Most shops in Samoa close on a Sunday so make sure you have everything you need before Sunday!

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