Why Everyone is Falling in Love with Samoa

The South Pacific’s best-kept secret is out! Once upon a time Samoa may have seemed out-of-the-way, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, but its easy accessibility from Australia, gorgeous beaches and lush rainforest have seen the islands gain popularity to quickly become one of the best holiday destinations around! But the love affair started long before…

Over one hundred years ago Robert Louis Stevenson (author of Treasure Island), was travelling through Polynesia when he chose to stay in Samoa. The tropical climate, the people and the beauty of this island paradise drew him in and fuelled his imagination. Follow in the famous author’s footsteps and start your love affair with Samoa today!


History and Culture

R.L. Stevenson’s story is romantic and tragic, but his love for Samoa was not unrequited. He earned the title of Tusitala, the Teller of Tales, and the undying love of the Samoan people. The best place to experience this is at Vailima: the author’s home, lovingly restored and maintained with meticulous attention to historical detail. Now the RLS Museum, this site offers a rare glimpse into Samoa’s colonial past, and some insight into the allure of the islands and their people. After a healthy dose of history, wander through the immaculate gardens to visit the author’s burial site atop Mt Vaea, overlooking the sea and the capital, Apia.

The warm Samoan spirit isn’t limited to famous authors. A continual focus on family and community has fostered a close-knit, respectful and traditional society that welcomes visitors with open arms. Early missionaries had a profound impact and democratic government has been in power since 1980, but local day-to-day life still revolves around the matai (chief) system, encouraging community and familial responsibility and a cultural authenticity no longer seen in many other places of the world.


Natural Beauty

Once the warmth and kindness of Samoan culture has drawn you in, let the intense natural beauty of the islands seduce you. Bright coral reefs, pristine beaches and a lush, rugged, rainforest interior will have you falling in love in no time. The tropical climate and fertile soil are a haven for exquisite flora and fauna, including a diverse array of birdlife and more native species of fern than New Zealand. Visit To Sua ocean trench, the breathtakingly beautiful, 30-metre deep swimming hole fed by the power of the Pacific. Or meet with the primal forces that shaped the islands at Sale’aula Lava Fields. Whatever you choose, the activities are endless, from fishing, surfing, diving, hiking, and cycling, to more peaceful pursuits and long days spent by the beach or back at the resort, watching the sunset.

Even the most seasoned traveller (as R.L. Stevenson was!) will find themselves unable to resist the magnetism of these islands and their people. For more information on Samoa tourism contact the Holiday Experts at My Samoa and start your love affair today!


Post by Alana Eising.

Alana is a writer and a wanderer who almost always wishes she were somewhere else. That’s why she writes about the fabulous places she’s been, and all the destinations left on her bucket list.