12 Reasons Samoa Is Your Next Holiday

Thinking of a South Pacific indulgent escape? A Samoa holiday is about to make it to the very top of your bucket list. Home to cascading waterfalls, lush valleys, rocky volcanoes, white, sandy beaches & adventure at every turn. It’s the perfect place for sun, surf, sand and adventure. Discover why Samoa is about to become your next holiday destination.

Waterfalls & Swimming Holes

An unmissable part of Samoa are the many opportunities to view, or swim under, amazing waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. The most popular waterfalls include Sapoaga Falls and Afu Aau Falls. Be sure to stop by at Piula Cave Pool and Tu Sua Ocean Trench.

Tu Sua Ocean Trench

The Samoan Food

The added benefit of being so close to the Pacific Ocean is the wealth of fresh seafood. From tuna to crab there is an enormous variety of seafood to savour. Samoans also have many unique tasty dishes to satisfy any appetite.


Amazing Beaches

One of the top attractions of Samoa is the beautiful beaches. The sparkly shorelines invite sun-lovers to enjoy relaxed island life. Whether you prefer swimming, sun-baking or snorkelling, there is a beach spot for you. World-class surfing breaks are a must-visit for thrill-seekers in Samoa.

Apia Markets

Located in Samoa’s capital city, Apia, the local markets are a permanent feature. Open every day of the week, you’ll find delightful local food including plenty of fresh fruit and seafood. Give a traditional Samoan dish a try or grab a bargain hand-crafted souvenir.

Top-Class Fishing

Make your mates back home jealous by taking a game fishing tour. There are multiple professional tour operators that will take you out to sea and help you reel in your record catch. From huge yellowfin tuna to stunning blue marlin – you are guaranteed a tale to tell.


Swim with Turtles

Although you can find plenty of turtles out at sea on snorkelling or diving trips, you can get closer to these majestic creatures at the Satoalepai Wetlands. Here you can take a dip with turtles in a well-maintained pond to see these animals up close.


Magical Blowholes

In the south-west of Savai’i Island lie the Alofaaga Blowholes. These awe-inspiring, natural wonders are impressive, to say the least. Watch surges of seawater burst into the air in a powerful display of nature’s force as they blast through eroded lava tubes. Throw a coconut or two into the stream and watch them fly!

Snorkelling & Diving

The crystal-clear waters surrounding the Samoan islands are picture-perfect for avid snorkellers or recreational divers. Below the surface you will find an abundance of marine treasures with schools of tropical fish and remarkable coral reefs. Even old shipwrecks like the Juno are all at close at hand.


Enchanting History

History resides at every turn in Samoa. Why not stop off at the Saleaula Lava Field where you can see evidence of the 1905 eruption with a half-buried church, the untouched virgin grave and exquisite lava patterns.


There are plenty of eco-tours to indulge in while in Samoa. Enjoying the great outdoors is a must when visiting such an iconic region of the world. Hike the coastal rainforest of O Le Pupu-Pue National Park, take shorter walks up to waterfalls or enjoy the 40-metre high Canopy Tour amongst giant banyan trees.

Samoan Polynesian Culture

Samoans are proud of their strong Fa’a Samoa – meaning ‘the Samoan Way’. You can get a feel for this at the Village Cultural Tour in Apia or by enjoying a Fiafia night with the locals. An energetic event where tales are told through traditional song and dance, you will be captivated by this fascinating experience.

World-Class Resorts

There are so many incredible resorts to choose from for your stay. Sheraton Samoa, Taumesina, Sinalei Reef, Coconuts, Aga Reef, Selatonga Sands, Return To Paradise, Seabreeze & Stevenson’s are just some of our favourites to choose from.

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