Weather in Samoa

You’ll never have a depressing winter morning in Samoa, it’s summertime all year round in this island paradise.  The beautiful warm and tropical weather is perfect for exploring the pristine beaches found around the island and having fun with some of the water activities and sports offered here.  You won’t find a better spot to enjoy the ocean than Samoa, not only will you find some of the most stunning beaches and coastal areas in the world, but the average water temperature sits at 28°C, which makes the water suitable at all times.

Samoa has 2 main seasons – a dry season and a wet season.  As the names suggest the distinction between these seasons is primarily the rainfall not the temperature, as Samoa experiences a constant year-round average temperature range of 24-30°C.


The dry season

Running from May to October, the dry season is an amazing time to visit Samoa.  Warm, uninterrupted sunshine makes the days enjoyable and beckons you to explore and experience the wonderful outdoor activities across the island.  The lower rainfall also means that the ocean gets less run-off and the water has better visibility, so if you enjoy diving and snorkeling, this is the best time to visit.  In many parts of Samoa, especially in the eastern and southern areas of the island, the sea breeze blows in during the late afternoon and evenings and brings a refreshing cool change.

You’ll need to pack light summer clothes if you’re visiting during the dry season.  Samoa has a casual and laid-back feel, so you will find that during the day shorts and shirt are very common and acceptable, but it’s is worth having a light jacket or pullover in case the evenings get a little cool.  Smart-casual dress is appropriate if you’re heading out to a restaurant, bar or some other nightlife activity in Samoa. The dry season is the most popular time to visit Samoa and you’ll find the hotels and resorts, restaurants and daytime activities are all busier during this period.

The wet season

The official wet season is from November to April and most of the country receives about 70% of its rainfall during this time, usually getting rain on 15 to 20 days of each month.  Often the rain comes as part of a minor thunderstorm, where it rains heavily but only for a short time.

Although there is regular rain, there isn’t a noticeable drop in temperature through the wet season, so the activities on offer in Samoa are all still available and just as enjoyable, it just takes some organising to work around the rain.

When is the Best Time to Visit Samoa?

The best time to visit Samoa really depends on what you’re planning on doing on your holiday. If time in the sun is your first priority, you’d benefit from visiting Samoa during the dry season (May to October). This time of year, the sun is rarely interrupted by rainfall which also makes for the best snorkeling and diving! Less rain means clearer waters to explore marine life.

If you’re looking for epic surf conditions, many argue Samoa’s wet season is the best time of year to visit. Between November and April, the surf drops to a convenience 2-5ft and the trade winds are north-east, making for cleaner offshore conditions. Since this is technically Samoa’s off-peak season, the reefs are generally less busy meaning more ocean to yourself!

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