Fall in love, the Samoan way.

When you’re ready to experience a unique culture that is gentle and relaxed and a perfect place to spend time with your loved one, Samoa is a fantastic choice.  Escape the stress and rush of crowds and enjoy your honeymoon in this magical untouched paradise where you are welcomed into the community and can experience a peaceful and contented way of life that the Samoans have spent thousands of years perfecting.

If your preference is to get into nature, then Samoa gives you lots of choices.  Spend time exploring a huge and beautiful coastline, with many lovely sandy beaches to find and enjoy.  Don’t miss the chance to have a candlelit dinner on the beach, enjoying a colourful sunset over the calm ocean waters.  Enjoy the romance of a picnic beside one of the beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear swimming holes that Samoa is famous for, just you and your loved one leaving the world behind. Feeling like something a bit more physical? You have a great choice of hiking trails leading you through dense jungle, immersing you in the sights and sounds of this pristine wilderness.

Samoa is big enough to have lots to do and lots to find, but small enough that you can explore and experience the whole place. When you choose Samoa as your honeymoon destination, you will experience a peace and tranquillity that you will remember forever.

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