Top 10 Things To Do In Samoa

Samoa is one of the lesser-known Pacific Islands. Not as developed as its neighbours, visitors can look forward to a tropical paradise, that is almost untouched by tourist influences. Here are the top 10 things to do in Samoa:


1. Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

There are 100’s of spectacular waterfalls in Samoa, from the Papapapai-Tai Falls in Upolu, flowing 100-metres down a cliff face in the jungle, to the Papaseea Sliding Rocks just outside Apia which are ideal for swimming, and well-known for the 5-metre natural rock slide down a waterfall into the deep freshwater pool below. The To Sua Ocean Trench is another must see while on the island of Upolu, a 30-metre deep ancient lava tube which has over thousands of years become a natural pool full of tropical fish. The pool is accessed via a wooden ladder, leading to a pontoon for swimmers to jump off.


2. Volcanoes

Walk across the crater of the extinct Lalomuna volcano, or visit the  Saleaula Lava Fields. Get a tour with a local guide from the village and explore the remnants of Saleaula, a village which was wiped out by the eruption of nearby Mount Matavanu in 1905.


3. Blow Holes

Head to Taga, in Sava’ii to see the Alofa’aga Blowholes. The pictures are impressive, but there is nothing like seeing the power of the ocean up close and listening to the crashing of the waves as they force water up through the rocks.


4. Beaches

The expanse of beach between Lalomanu and Lotofaga on Upolu’s south-east coast is said to be the most beautiful on the island. In Savai’i head to the north coast for the islands best beaches.

5. Snorkeling or diving

The Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve is in the Capital of Apia, on the island of Upolu. Discover this iconic Samoan diving spot and the array of spectacular tropical fish! The highlight of this spot is the drop-off, surrounded by coral and brightly coloured marine life! You can also snorkel off the beach in many of the resorts including the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Resort in the north-west of Upulo.


6. Hiking

Hike the jungle trails, such as the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve in Sava’ii, or take a tour of Tanumapua, close to Apia, where many conservation projects are taking place. The jungle areas of Samoa are so pristine and untouched that as recently as 2009 they were still finding new species of butterflies and other animals.


7. Local Villages and Markets

The Apia Flea Market is great for local handmade crafts and the Food Market just a short 10-minute walk away is full of fresh produce. Make sure to explore the islands and visit some local villages to really get a feel of the Fa’asamoa, the Samoan Way.


8. Samoa Breweries

Make sure to taste the locally brewed national beer, Vailima, which is a German-style lager created by Samoa Breweries. Samoa Breweries also make Vailima Special Export and Vailima Pure which is a low carb beer.


9. Surfing

Surfing in Samoa is not for the lighthearted. Miles of reef breaks with consistently fantastic waves, and no tourists to surf them means that you will be paddling unrivalled into waves all day long! Make sure to go with a local guide so they can show you the best spots and also tell you where to avoid, as the rips and tides in Samoa can be dangerous. When you surf in Samoa, not only will you have the best surf of your life on the gnarly waves, but the small fee you pay the village to access the break will go towards educating local Samoan children.


10. Samoan Sunsets

The village of Falealupo is said to be the last village in the world to watch the sun go down each day. Take a walk along the beach and then take a seat on the sand to watch the spectacular Samoan sunset.

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Post by Alana Eising

Alana is a writer and a wanderer who almost always wishes she were somewhere else. That’s why she writes about the fabulous places she’s been and all the destinations left on her bucket list!